Vol 16, No Suppl. 1 (2008)

Table of Contents



Overview of diabetic foot; novel treatments in diabetic foot ulcer PDF XML
Larijani, B., Hasani Ranjbar, S. Pages: 1-6
Evaluation of acute and sub-chronic toxicity of Semelil (ANGIPARSTM), a new phytotherapeutic drug for wound healing in rodents PDF XML
Abdollahi M, Farzamfar B, Salari P, Khorram Khorshid HR, Larijani B, Farhadi M, Madani SH Pages: 7-14
Sub-chronic toxicity study of a novel herbal-based formulation (Semelil) on dogs PDF XML
Farzamfar B, Abdollahi M, Ka'abinejadian S, Heshmat R, Shahhosseiny MH, Novitsky Y.A, Farhadi M Pages: 15-19
In vivo and in vitro genotoxicity studies of Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) PDF XML
Khorram Khorshid HR, Sadeghi B, Heshmat R, Abdollahi M, Salari P, Farzamfar B, Madani SH Pages: 20-24
Assessment of maximum tolerated dose of a new herbal drug, Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) in patients with diabetic foot ulcer: A Phase I clinical trial PDF XML
Heshmat R, Mohammad K, Mohajeri Tehrani MR, Tabatabaie Malazy O, Keshtkar AA, Gharibdoust F, Larijani B Pages: 25-30
Effect of ANGIPARSTM, a new herbal drug on diabetic foot ulcer: A phase 2 clinical study PDF XML
Masoompour SM, Bagheri MH, Borhani Haghighi A, Novitsky YA, Sadeghi B, Gharibdoust F, Larijani B, Ranjbar Omrani G Pages: 31-34
Effects of intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) on diabetic foot ulcers healing: A multicenter clinical trial PDF XML
Larijani B, Heshmat R, Bahrami A, Delshad H, Ranjbar Omrani G, Mohammad K, Heidarpour R, Mohajeri Tehrani MR, Kamali K, Farhadi M, Gharibdoust F, Madani SH Pages: 35-40
Clinical application of oral form of ANGIPARSTM and in combination with topical form as a new treatment for diabetic foot ulcers: A randomized clinical trial PDF XML
Bahrami A, Kamali K, Ali-Asgharzadeh A, Hosseini P, Heshmat R, Khorram Khorshid HR, Gharibdoust F, Madani SH, Larijani B Pages: 41-48
Intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) as a novel therapy for pressure Ulcers: A randomized clinical trial PDF XML
Shamimi Nouri K, Heshmat R, Karimian R, Nasli E, Larijani B, Novitsky YA, Farhadi M, Gharibdoust F Pages: 49-53
Topical application of Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) in treatment of pressure ulcers: A randomized clinical trial PDF XML
Shamimi Nouri K, Karimian R, Nasli E, Kamali K, Chaman R, Farhadi M, Madani SH, Larijani B, Khorram Khorshid HR Pages: 54-57