DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2005. 13(1):17-19.

Bioassay-guided isolation and identification of an antibacterial compound from Ferula persica var. persica roots
Ahmad-Reza Shahverdi, Mehrdad Iranshahi, Roohollah Mirjani, Hossein Jamalifar, Gholamreza Amin, Abbas Shafiee


The antibacterial activities of the chloroform and water extracts of Ferula persica var. persica (Apiaceae)roots were studied by the disk diffusion method. While the chloroform extract of F. persica roots showed antibacterial activity, the water extract of the roots at the concentrations that tested did not show any activity. By bioassay-guided fractionation of the chloroform extract of the roots by preparative thin layer
chromatography (PTLC) a compound was found which was active against some bacteria. By conventional spectroscopy methods the active fraction was identified as umbelliprenin. This coumarin was mostly active against B. subtillis, B. cereus, E. coli, K. ponumoniae, S. typhi, S. aureus, and S. epidermilis.


Umbelliprenin, Ferula persica, Apiaceae, O- Prenylated coumarin,

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