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Vol 19, No 6 (2011)

Table of Contents


Pharmacokinetic study of niosome-loaded insulin in diabetic rats PDF XML
A. Pardakhty, E. Moazeni, J. Varshosaz, V. Hajhashemi, A. Rouholamini-Najafabadi Pages: 404-411
The influence of active transport systems on morphine -6-glucuronide transport in MDCKII and MDCK-PGP cells PDF XML
M. Sattari, PA. Routledge, SO. Mashayekhi Pages: 412-416
Preparation and evaluation of pellets using acacia and tragacanth by extrusion-spheronization PDF XML
A. Akhgari, M R. Abbaspour, S. Pirmoradi Pages: 417-423
In vitro and In vivo characterization of the transdermal delivery of sertraline hydrochloride Films PDF XML
R. Vijaya, K. Ruckmani Pages: 424-432
Enhance transdermal delivery of flurbiprofen via microemulsions: Effects of different types of surfactants and cosurfactants PDF XML
MA. Idrees, NU. Rahman, S. Ahmad, MY. Ali, I. Ahmad Pages: 433-439
Solubility of pioglitazone hydrochloride in ethanol, N-methyl pyrrolidone, polyethylene glycols and water mixtures at 298.20 °K PDF XML
Sh. Soltanpour, M. Barzegar-Jalali, A. Jouyban Pages: 440-445
Modified ionic liquid cold-induced aggregation dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with spectrofluorimetry for trace determination of ofloxacin in pharmaceutical and biological samples PDF XML
M. Zeeb, M.R. Ganjali, P. Norouzi Pages: 446-454
Carbenoxolone induces apoptosis and inhibits survivin and survivin-ΔEx3 genes expression in human leukemia K562 cells PDF XML
M.A. Moosavi, S. Moasses-Ghafary, I. Asvadi-Kermani, H. Hamzeiy, M. Rahmati, A.H. Ahmadi, A. Nikanfar, Z. Sanaat, M. Asadi-Khiavi Pages: 455-461
14,15-Epoxyeicosatrienoic acid induces the proliferation and anti-apoptosis of human carcinoma cell PDF XML
Z. Zhang, D. Hu, MG. Zhou, HX. Liu, J. Wu, S. Huang, DW. Wang, L. Cai Pages: 462-468
Systematic protein-protein docking and molecular dynamics studies of HIV-1 gp120 and CD4: insights for new drug development PDF XML
T. Chong-Teoh, T. Heidelberg, M. Rizman-Idid Pages: 469-475

Review Article(s)

A review on bioadhesive buccal drug delivery systems:current status of formulation and evaluation methods PDF XML
P. Chinna-Reddy, K.S.C. Chaitanya, Y. Madhusudan-Rao Pages: 385-403