DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2008. 16(Suppl. 1):49-53.

Intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) as a novel therapy for pressure Ulcers: A randomized clinical trial
Shamimi Nouri K, Heshmat R, Karimian R, Nasli E, Larijani B, Novitsky YA, Farhadi M, Gharibdoust F


The prevalence of pressure ulcers of the foot is a major health care problem in frail elderly patients. A pressure sore dramatically increases the cost of medical and nursing care, and effective treatment has always been an essential nursing concern. Management options for pressure ulcers include local wound care; surgical repair and, more recently, topical application of growth factors.

The main goal of this study was to examine the effects of intravenous treatment of Semelil (ANGIPARSTM), a new herbal extract in patients with severe, noninfected pressure ulcers of the foot.

As a randomized clinical trial, 18 patients with pressure ulcers were recruited from Vali-e-Asr hospital, Medical Sciences/ University of Tehran, Iran. Nine patients received intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) besides to conventional therapy and nine received only conventional treatment.

At the baseline, the treatment and control groups did not differ across demographic variables, clinical characteristics, and functional measures. The mean surface areas of the ulcers were reduced 43.2 ± 57.4 cm2 (80.3%) and 2.8± 6.2 cm² (6.3%) in the treatment and control groups, respectively (p=0.000).

The average reduction in pressure ulcer area at four weeks was statistically and clinically greater in the treatment group than in the control group So, intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) can be recommended as an effective treatment for patients with severe pressure ulcers.


Semelil (ANGIPARS™), Pressure ulcer, Intravenous,

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