Vol 17, No 4 (2009)

Table of Contents



On the memorial of Dr. Mohammad Nabi Sarbolouki,A member of the Editorial Board of DARU PDF XML
Editorial Pages: 225-225
Preparation and in-vitro characterization of Risperidone-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes as a potential injectable product PDF XML
D Shukla, S Chakraborty, S Singh, B Mishra Pages: 226-235
Study of formulation variables on properties of glipizide mucoadhesive microspheres by factorial design PDF XML
Hosmani A.H, P.V Kasture, ID Gonjari, A.B. Karmarkar Pages: 236-244
Pharmacokinetic study of tramadol and its three metabolites in plasma, saliva and urine PDF XML
M.R Rouini, Y Ardakani Pages: 245-255
Correlation between lipophilicity and antimicrobial activity of some 2-(4-substituted phenyl)-3(2H)-isothiazolones PDF XML
S Rezaee, A Khalaj, N Adibpour, M Saffary Pages: 256-263
Determination of flavonoids in pharmaceutical preparations using Terbium sensitized fluorescence method PDF XML
M Shaghaghi, J.L Manzoori, D.J Afshar, A Jouyban Pages: 264-268
Rapid enantioseparation of amlodipine by highly sulfated cyclodextrins using short-end injection capillary electrophoresis PDF XML
M Zandkarimi, A Shafaati , S.M Foroutan, A. Lucy Charles Pages: 269-276
A clinical trial on the efficacy of IMOD in AIDS patients PDF XML
M Mohraz, P Khairandish, P.A Kazerooni, M.A Davarpanah, M. H Shahhosseiny , B Mahdavian, S Vaziry, S Shahriary, K Kamali, K Kamali, H.R Khorram Khorshid, R Heshmat, M Farhadi, F Gharibdoust Pages: 277-284
Nanosilver in the treatment of localized cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania major (MRHO/IR/75/ER): an in vitro and in vivo study PDF XML
M Mohebali, M.M Rezayat, K Gilani, S Sarkar , B Akhoundi, J Esmaeili, T Satvat, S Elikaee, S Charehdar , H Hooshyar Pages: 285-289
Diterpenoids of Otostegia persica (Burm.) Boiss PDF XML
S.A Ayatollahi, F Kobarfard, J Asgarpanah, M Rahmati Roodsari, Gh Fanai , M Iqbal Choudhary Pages: 290-293
Mutagenesis in sequence encoding of human factor VII for gene therapy of hemophilia PDF XML
B Kazemi, S Emamgholipour, M Bandehpour, P Shabani, L Maghen, B Yaghmaee Pages: 294-298
Modeling of the hEP1 receptor based on the crystallographic structure of β2-adrenergic receptor and its assessment with docking studies and molecular dynamics simulation PDF XML
B Zare, A Madadkar-Sobhani, S Dastmalchi, M Mahmoudian Pages: 299-307