DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2009. 17(4):290-293.

Diterpenoids of Otostegia persica (Burm.) Boiss
S.A Ayatollahi, F Kobarfard, J Asgarpanah, M Rahmati Roodsari, Gh Fanai , M Iqbal Choudhary


Background and propose of the study: As there is no significant work on O. persica, a phytochemical investigation of this species was carried out in this study.

Methods: The structures of the compounds 1-4 were established by their spectral data and their relative configuration was determined by 2D NMR.

Results and major conclusion: Four known diterpenoids belonging to the clerodane and tetracyclic diterpene types were isolated for the first time from Otostegia persica (Burm.) Boiss. These compounds are known to occur only in genus Otostegia.


Lamiaceae, Otostegia persica, Diterpenoids,

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