Vol 19, No 5 (2011)

Table of Contents



A QSAR study of some cyclobutenediones as CCR1 antagonists by artificial neural networks based on principal component analysis. XML
M Shahlaei, A Fassihi, L Saghaie, E Arkan, A Pourhossein Pages: 376-84
Preparation and comparison of chitosan nanoparticles with different degrees of glutathione thiolation. XML
P Yousefpour, F Atyabi, R Dinarvand, E Vasheghani-Farahani Pages: 367-75
Development of diclofenac sodium-loaded alginate-PVP K 30 microbeads using central composite design. XML
Ak Nayak, S Khatua, Ms Hasnain, Kk Sen Pages: 356-66
Preparation and antifungal activity of spray-dried amphotericin B-loaded nanospheres. XML
A Gharib, Z Faezizadeh, H Mohammad Asghari Pages: 351-5
Formulation and in vivo evaluation for anti-aging effects of an emulsion containing basil extract using non- invasive biophysical techniques. XML
A Rasul, N Akhtar Pages: 344-50
5-HT(1A) receptor activation improves anti-cataleptic effects of levodopa in 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rats. XML
J Mahmoudi, A Mohajjel Nayebi, M Samini, S Reyhani-Rad, V Babapour Pages: 338-43
The presence of amorpha-4, 11-diene synthase, a key enzyme in artemisinin production in ten Artemisia species. XML
R Hosseini, N Yazdani, Ga Garoosi Pages: 332-7
Effects of polygonum aviculare herbal extract on proliferation and apoptotic gene expression of MCF-7. XML
Roudkenar M Habibi, Roushandeh A Mohammadi, A Delazar, R Halabian, Rad J Soleimani, A Mehdipour, M Bagheri, A Jahanian-Najafabadi Pages: 326-31
Renoprotective effects of combining ACE inhibitors and statins in experimental diabetic rats. XML
M Mudagal, J Patel, Nc Nagalakshmi, M Asif Ansari Pages: 322-5
A systematic review on pharmacokinetic changes in critically ill patients: role of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. XML
S Mousavi, B Levcovich, M Mojtahedzadeh Pages: 312-21