DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2011. 19(5):356-66.

Development of diclofenac sodium-loaded alginate-PVP K 30 microbeads using central composite design.
Ak Nayak, S Khatua, Ms Hasnain, Kk Sen


Diclofenac sodium is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent with a short biological half-life (1-2 hr) and requires multiple dosing. This research was carried out to develop and optimize diclofenac sodium loaded alginate-PVP K 30 microbeads to eliminate the need for multiple dosing and adverse effects.Diclofenac sodium loaded alginate-PVP K 30 microbeads were prepared by ionotropic gelation. Particle size, drug release, swelling, FTIR and SEM analyses were performed.Optimized microbeads showed particle size of 0.589±0.054 to 0.620±0.067 mm, and drug entrapment efficiency of 97.88±2.86 to 98.60±3.55%. The in vitro drug release from microbeads was sustained over 10 hrs and followed controlled-release pattern. FTIR analysis indicated the possibility of intermolecular hydrogen bonding interactions, i.e., -OH…O=C in microbeads.Microbeads for oral controlled delivery of diclofenac sodium were successfully developed by ionotropic gelation.


Controlled release;FTIR;Ionotropic gelation;Optimization;Polymer blend


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