Vol 15, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents



Development and time-course of bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in NMRI mice PDF XML
Jafarian-Dehkordi A., Rabbani M., Mir Mohammad Sadeghi H., Afshar-Moghaddam N., Alavi S.A., Mahmoodi F, Safaeian L Pages: 1-6
Benidipine hydrochloride increases calcified nodule formation in the bovine aortic smooth muscle cell cultures PDF XML
Nikbahkt Dastjerdi M. Pages: 7-11
Intracytoplasmic glutathione level in MII oocyte during in vitro maturation of germinal vesicle: Effect of cysteamine PDF XML
Mohammadi Roushandeh A., Noori Mooghahi. M.H., Pasbakhsh. P., Abdolvahhab M., Akbari.M., Shokrgozar M.A., Sobhani A., Amidi F., . Abbasi Habibi M., Roudkenar M.. Pages: 12-16
Synthesis of metronidazole derivatives as antigiardiasis agents PDF XML
Khabnadideh S., Rezaei Z., . Khalafi Nezhad A, Motazedian M.H., Eskandari M. Pages: 17-20
Penicillin G extraction from simulated media by emulsion liquid membrane PDF XML
Ramazani Kalhor R., Kaghazchi T., Fazeli M.R., Daeipoor F. Pages: 21-26
Influence of mechanical milling time on physicochemical properties and stability of cefotaxime sodium PDF XML
Rouholamini Najafabadi A., Asgharian R., Tajerzadeh H., Gilani K., Vatanara A., Darabi M. Pages: 27-33
Evaluation of phenytoin pharmacokinetics in neurotrauma patients PDF XML
Shohrati M., Rouini M.R., Mojtahedzadeh M., . Firouzabadi M. Pages: 34-40
Chemical composition of the essential oil of Eremostachys Laevigata bung PDF XML
Amiri H., Meshkat Al Sadat M.H., Lari Yazdi H. Pages: 34-40
Antimicrobial activity of Iranian propolis and its chemical composition PDF XML
Yaghoubi M.J., Ghorbani Gh., Soleimanian Zad S., Satari R. Pages: 45-48
Three phenolic glycosides and immunological properties of Achillea millefolium from Iran, population of Golestan PDF XML
Yassa N., Saeidnia S., Pirouzi R., Akbaripour M., Shafiee A. Pages: 49-52