DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2007. 15(1):21-26.

Penicillin G extraction from simulated media by emulsion liquid membrane
Ramazani Kalhor R., Kaghazchi T., Fazeli M.R., Daeipoor F.


Penicillin G extraction by an emulsion liquid membrane was studied under various operational conditions in a batch system. Span 80 (sorbitan monooleate), TOA (Trioctylamine) and a mixture of n-butyl acetate and paraffin were used as surfactant, carrier and diluent, respectively. The effects of stirrer speed, volume ratio of membrane to external phases, initial penicillin G concentration, pH and buffer concentration in the external phase, sodium carbonate concentration in the internal phase, surfactant, volume ratio of diluents and carriers on the extraction rate were examined. Extraction rate was nearly 95% and a concentration greater than 12.67 times of the initial concentration of penicillin G in the external phase was obtained in the internal phase. The pH of external phase, containing a basic salt was theoretically calculated by the amount of penicillin G which was transported in the internal phase. The calculated results agreed well with the experimental data and extraction of penicillin G was successfully performed by the emulsion liquid membrane process through adjustment of the pH of both internal and external phases to an optimum values.


Penicillin G extraction, Emulsion liquid membrane,

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