DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2002. 10(2):78-89.

Screening of Iranian plants for antifungal activity: Part 2
"Amin Gh.R, Salehi Surmaghi MH, Yasa N, Aynehchi Y, Dehmoobed Sharifabadi A, Emami M, Shidfar MR, Amin M, Moghadami M, Kordbacheh P, Zeini F "


In this study, 278 species from 37 families of native Iranian plants were screened for in vitro antifungal activity against 19 fungal strains. Initially, the crude extracts in concentration of 100 μg/ml were tested. Among 278 plant extracts, 201(71.27%) of them showed antifungal activity against at least one fungal strain. A wide range of total extracts of different species were shown to have potentially noticeable antifungal effects. The outstanding species were: Mentha longifolia, Saliva multicaulis, Thymus transcaspicus, Zataria multiflora, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Hulthemia persica, Heracleum persicum, Pimpinella anisum, Pragnos ferulacea, Pragnos uloptera, and Viola odorata.


Iranian plants, Antifungal activity, Legominosae family, Labiateae,

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