Vol 10, No 2 (2002)

Table of Contents



Evaluation of tumor targeting with radiolabeled F(ab)2 fragment of a humanized monoclonal antibody PDF XML
"Babaei MH, Farshid Far R, Najafi R " Pages: 49-53
"Assessment of different bioequivalent metrics in Rifampin bioequivalence study " PDF XML
"Rouini MR, Tajer Zadeh H, Valad Khani M " Pages: 54-57
"Microencapsulation of Matricine by a dehydrating liquid and assessment of its retention " PDF XML
"Gharavi SM, Ghassemi Dehkordi N, Aslani A " Pages: 58-62
"Two new Valepotriates from the roots of Valeriana Sisymbriifolia " PDF XML
Aman Zadeh Y, Ghassemi Dehkordi N, Sadat Ebrahimi SE, Pirali Hamedani M Pages: 63-66
Comparison between the essential oil and supercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction of Mentha Piperita L. cultivated in Iran PDF XML
Aghel N, Yamini Y, Hadji Akhoondi A Pages: 67-69
"Preparation of Testosterone using microbial metabolite of Cholesterol " PDF XML
"Naghibi F, Tabatabai Yazdi M, Shah Hosseini S " Pages: 70-73
Clinical evaluation of Zataria Multiflora essential oil mouthwash in the management of recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis PDF XML
Mansoori P, Hadji Akhoondi A, Ghavami R, Shafiei A Pages: 74-77
Screening of Iranian plants for antifungal activity: Part 2 PDF XML
"Amin Gh.R, Salehi Surmaghi MH, Yasa N, Aynehchi Y, Dehmoobed Sharifabadi A, Emami M, Shidfar MR, Amin M, Moghadami M, Kordbacheh P, Zeini F " Pages: 78-89