DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2002. 10(1):23-27.

"Effects of agitation rate on the growth of Mycena SP and production of antifungal agents "
Vahidi H, Tehrani MH


Impeller speed or agitation rate plays a significant role in the growth of microorganism especially basidiomycetes and production of bioactive compounds via transfer of oxygen and mass. In this investigation the efferent impeller speeds on morphology, biomass concentration and production of bioactive compounds with antifungal activity were studied using a 5-liter fermenter. It was found that use of different impeller speeds (300 , 450 and 600 rpm) resulted in various growth pattern and productivity. Impeller speed of 600 rpm gave a tow biomass concentration and low production of antifungal agent and the best result was obtained when impeller speed was adjusted to 450 rpm. Biomass concentration and productivity in the case of 300 rpm was less than that of 450 but higher than of 600 rpm.


Mycena, Antifungal, Impeller speed, Basidiomycetes,

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