Vol 10, No 1 (2002)

Table of Contents



"Correlation of free fraction of Phenytoin and plasma Albumin level in head trauma patients " PDF XML
"Shohrati M, Mojtahed Zadeh M, Rouini MR, Gholami Kh, Eftekhar B, Sadidi A, Abdollah Zadeh M " Pages: 1-5
"Essential oils of Heracleum Persicum Desf.ex Fischer leaves " PDF XML
Mojab F, Rustaiyan AH, Jasbi AR Pages: 6-8
"Interaction of different doses of Aspartame with Morphine-induced antinociception in the presence of MK-801, a NMDA antagonist " PDF XML
Abdollahi M, Aghabarati F, Nikfar Sh, Etemad F, Abdoli N Pages: 9-16
The effect of loading solution and dissolution media on release of Diclofenac from ion exchange resins PDF XML
"Atyabi F, Koochak M, Dinarvand R " Pages: 17-22
"Effects of agitation rate on the growth of Mycena SP and production of antifungal agents " PDF XML
Vahidi H, Tehrani MH Pages: 23-27
Determination of Selenium in infant formula by differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetry PDF XML
"Oveisi MR, Jannat B, Shefaati AR, Hamedi M " Pages: 28-33
"Synthesis and antifungal activity of some new 1,2,4-Triazolo [3,4-b] [1,3,4] Thiadiazines " PDF XML
"Foroumadi AR, Mirzaei M, Emami S, Salari P, Ghaffari F, Amini M, Shafiei A " Pages: 34-37
Screening of Iranian plants for antifungal activity: Part 1 PDF XML
Amin Gh.R, Dehmoobed Sharifabadi A, Salehi Surmaghi MH, Yasa N, Aynechi Y, Emami M, Shidfar MR, Amin M, Moghadami M, Kordbacheh P, Zeini F Pages: 34-37