DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2002. 10(1):6-8.

"Essential oils of Heracleum Persicum Desf.ex Fischer leaves "
Mojab F, Rustaiyan AH, Jasbi AR


The leaves of Heracleum persicum Desf ex Fischer (Syn. H glabrascens Boiss. & Hohen, H. prbescens Rech.) (Fam Apiaceae) were collected in July - Auguest 1993 from kandavan area in north of Tehran. The oil was extracted by hydrodistillation (0.13%) from leaves and was analyzed by GC, GC/CS and 1H-NMR. The major component was trans - anethole (82.8%) Other components were β - pinene, p-cymene and terpinolene (monoterpenes) , α- caryophylene, α- bergamotene, α- farnesene, zingiberene, spathulenol (sesqiterpenes). Cis - anethole, stragole, 2,5-dimethyl styrene (aromatic compounds), and β- springene ( an aliphatic and hydrocarbonic diterpene) . It is concluded that this oil is a source of trans - anethole .


Heracleum persicum, Trans-anethole, β-Springene,

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