Vol 17, No 3 (2009)

Table of Contents



Genomic signature and toxicogenomics comparison of polycationic gene delivery nanosystems in human alveolar epithelial A549 cells PDF XML
J Barar, H Hamzeiy, S.A Mortazavi Tabatabaei, S.E Hashemi-Aghdam, Y Omidi Pages: 139-147
Preclinical and phase 1 clinical safety of Setarud (IMODâ„¢), a novel immunomodulator PDF XML
P Khairandish, M Mohraz, B Farzamfar, M Abdollahi, M.H Shahhosseiny, H Madani, B Sadeghi, R Heshmat, F Gharibdoust, H.R Khorram-Khorshid Pages: 148-156
The efficacy of intensive glucose management on hospitalized critically ill patients associated mortality rate in intensive care unit PDF XML
R Taslimi, R Azizkhani, M.H Talebian, H.R Abtahi, M Jalili, A Nejati, A Labbaf Pages: 157-162
Anti-tuberculosis drugs related hepatotoxicity; incidence, risk factors, pattern of changes in liver enzymes and outcome PDF XML
H Khalili, S Dashti-Khavidaki, M Rasoolinejad, L Rezaie, M Etminani Pages: 163-167
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities of Pergularia daemia and Carissa carandas PDF XML
V.H Bhaskar, N Balakrishnan Pages: 168-174
Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of the Extract and Essential oil of Rosa damascena from Iran, Population of Guilan PDF XML
N Yassa, F Masoomi, S.E Rohani Rankouhi, A Hadjiakhoondi Pages: 175-180
Evaluation of p53 and Bcl-2 genes and proteins expression in human breast cancer T47D cells treated with extracts of Astrodaucus persicus (Boiss.) Drude in comparison to Tamoxifen PDF XML
E Azizi, M.H Abdolmohammadi, Sh Fouladdel, A Shafiee, Gh Amin, S. M Ghaffari Pages: 181-186
Effect of dithiotheritol on viability of cryopreserved rat hepatocytes PDF XML
A Jamshidzadeh, M Hosseinaghdaie, H Niknahad, M Nematizadeh Pages: 187-191
Solvent optimization on Taxol extraction from Taxus baccata L., using HPLC and LC-MS PDF XML
H Sadeghi-aliabadi, G Asghari, S.A Mostafavi, A Esmaeili Pages: 192-198
Combination of inulin and time dependent polymethacrylates as a coating system to achieve colonic delivery of indomethacin PDF XML
A Akhgari, H Afrasiabi Garekani, F Sadeghi Pages: 199-208
Salbutamol sulphate-ethylcellulose microparticles: formulation and in-vitro evaluation with emphasis on mathematical approaches PDF XML
G Murtaza, A Ahmad, A Waheed Asghar, M Naeem Aamir Pages: 209-216
Formulation and optimization of microemulsion-based organogels containing propranolol hydrochloride using experimental design methods PDF XML
N Hadidi, N Nazari, R Aboofazeli Pages: 217-224
Erratum PDF XML
DARU Pages: 225-