Vol 18, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents



Primary WWOX phosphorylation and JNK activation during etoposide induces cytotoxicity in HEK293 cells. XML
M Jamshidiha, P Habibollahi, S N Ostad, M H Ghahremani Pages: 141-5
Role of NADPH-insensitive nitroreductase gene to metronidazole resistance of Helicobacter pylori strains. XML
M Kargar, M Baghernejad, A Doosti Pages: 137-40
An investigation of the neuroprotective effects of Curcumin in a model of Homocysteine - induced oxidative stress in the rat's brain. XML
A Ataie, M Sabetkasaei, A Haghparast, A Hajizadeh Moghaddam, R Ataie, Sh Nasiraei Moghaddam Pages: 128-36
The first phytochemical report of Galanthus transcaucasicus Fomin. XML
M H Salehi Sourmaghi, B Azadi, Gh Amin, M Amini, M Sharifzadeh Pages: 124-7
Synthesis and cloxacillin antimicrobial enhancement of 2-methylsulfonylimidazolyl-1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives. XML
T Akbarzadeh, A Fallah Tafti, N Samadi, A Foroumadi, M Amanlou, M A Faramarzi, A Shafiee Pages: 118-23
Evaluation of the plasma quality after filtration. XML
M Mahmoodian Shooshtari, K Mousavi Hosseini Pages: 114-7
Impact of anti-cancer drugs and other determinants on serum protein binding of morphine 6-glucuronide. XML
S O Mashayekhi, M Ghandforoush-Sattari, D C Buss, P A Routledge, R Dw Hain Pages: 107-13
Comparison the inflammatory effects of early supplemental parenteral nutrition plus enteral nutrition versus enteral nutrition alone in critically ill patients. XML
R Abrishami, A Ahmadi, M Abdollahi, A Moosivand, H Khalili, A Najafi, K Gholami, H Hamishehkar, A Peivandi Yazdi, M Mojtahedzadeh Pages: 103-6
Development and validation of a rapid HPLC- fluorescence method for simultaneous determination of venlafaxine and its major metabolites in human plasma. XML
Y H Ardakani, A Foroumadi, M R Rouini Pages: 97-102
The effect of pectin on swelling and permeability characteristics of free films containing Eudragit RL and/or RS as a coating formulation aimed for colonic drug delivery. XML
A Akhgari, F Farahmand, H Afrasiabi Garekani, F Sadeghi, T Vandamme Pages: 91-6
Itraconazole nanosuspension for oral delivery: Formulation, characterization and in vitro comparison with marketed formulation. XML
M Nakarani, A K Misra, J K Patel, S S Vaghani Pages: 84-90
Physico-mechanical and dissolution behaviours of ibuprofen crystals crystallized in the presence of various additives. XML
A Nokhodchi, O Amire, M Jelvehgari Pages: 74-83