Vol 19, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents



Effects of training in the Morris water maze on the spatial learning acquisition and VAChT expression in male rats. XML
A Hosseini-Sharifabad, S Mohammadi-Eraghi, K Tabrizian, M Soodi, T Khorshidahmad, N Naghdi, M Abdollahi, C Beyer, A Roghani, M Sharifzadeh Pages: 166-72
Recombinant human erythropoietin reduces plasminogen activator inhibitor and ameliorates pro-inflammatory responses following trauma. XML
M Shiehmorteza, A Ahmadi, M Abdollahi, M Nayebpour, M Mohammadi, H Hamishehkar, A Najafi, M Pazoki, M Mojtahedzadeh Pages: 159-65
Clinical efficacy and safety of polyethylene glycol 3350 versus liquid paraffin in the treatment of pediatric functional constipation. XML
Mr Rafati, H Karami, E Salehifar, A Karimzadeh Pages: 154-8
Proliferation inhibition, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induced in HL-60 cells by a natural diterpene ester from Daphne mucronata. XML
K Nouri, R Yazdanparast Pages: 145-53
Effects of temperature and additives on stability and spectrum of a therapeutic fibroblast growth factor. XML
Cy Zhou, X Guo, St Wang, Yp Zhu, Dz Mu Pages: 138-44
Design of a controlled release liquid formulation of lamotrigine. XML
B Mishra, B L Sahoo, M Mishra, D Shukla, V Kumar Pages: 126-37
Formulation development and rheological studies of palatable cefetamet pivoxil hydrochloride dry powder suspension. XML
Sb Sateesha, Aj Rajamma, Hs Shekar, G Divakar Pages: 118-25
Development of novel budesonide pellets based on CODES(TM) technology: In vitro/in vivo evaluation in induced colitis in rats. XML
J Varshosaz, J Emami, N Tavakoli, M Minaiyan, N Rahmani, F Dorkoosh, P Mahzouni Pages: 107-17
Comparison of physicomechanical properties of films prepared from organic solutions and aqueous dispersion of Eudragit RL. XML
F Sadeghi, M Shahabi, H Afrasiabi Pages: 100-6
Evaluation of the use of partition coefficients and molecular surface properties as predictors of drug absorption: a provisional biopharmaceutical classification of the list of national essential medicines of Pakistan. XML
R Shawahna, Nu Rahman Pages: 83-99
Perspective of pharmaceutical sciences in Iran; Jobs remaining. XML
M Abdollahi Pages: 80-2