Vol 19, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents



Efficacy and safety of Iranian made Deferasirox (OsveralĀ®) in Iranian major thalassemic patients with transfusional iron overload: A one year prospective multicentric open-label non-comparative study. XML
P Eshghi, Z Farahmandinia, M Molavi, M Naderi, M Jafroodi, H Hoorfar, K Davari, A Azarkeivan, B Keikhaie, S Ansari, M Arasteh Pages: 240-8
Suppression of humoral immune response to hepatitis B surface antigen vaccine in BALB/c mice by 1-methyl-tryptophan co-administration. XML
T Eleftheriadis, T Sparopoulou, G Antoniadi, V Liakopoulos, I Stefanidis, G Galaktidou Pages: 236-9
A comparison of the effects of reboxetine and placebo on reaction time in adults with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). XML
F Hashemian, S Mohammadian, F Riahi, P Ghaeli, D Ghodsi Pages: 231-5
In vivo bioavailability studies of sumatriptan succinate buccal tablets. XML
K Shivanand, Sa Raju, S Nizamuddin, B Jayakar Pages: 224-30
Population pharmacokinetics of oral high-dose busulfan in adult patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. XML
M Hadjibabaie, S Rahimian, Z Jahangard-Rafsanjani, M Amini, K Alimoghaddam, M Iravani, A Ghavamzadeh, S Sadrai Pages: 216-23
Pharmacokinetics of dl-praeruptorin A after single-dose intravenous administration to rats with liver cirrhosis. XML
Z Zhang, Xf Liang, Mq Su, Q Liang, Lp Li, Xh Zhang, Xm Wang, X Zhu Pages: 210-5
Sustained-release effervescent floating matrix tablets of baclofen: development, optimization and in vitro-in vivo evaluation in healthy human volunteers. XML
S Gande, Ym Rao Pages: 202-9
Preparation and evaluation of sustained release microballoons of propranolol. XML
A Porwal, G Swami, Sa Saraf Pages: 193-201
Direct Technetium radiopharmaceuticals production using a 30MeV Cyclotron. XML
Ar Jalilian, H Targholizadeh, Gr Raisali, H Zandi, M Kamali Dehgan Pages: 187-92
A review on phytochemistry and medicinal properties of the genus Achillea. XML
S Saeidnia, Ar Gohari, N Mokhber-Dezfuli, F Kiuchi Pages: 173-86