Vol 15, No 4 (2007)

Table of Contents



Assessment of anti-inflammatory properties of ethyl acetate extract of Stachys schtschegleevii Sosn PDF XML
Nazemiyeh, Maleki N., Mehmani F., Kumarasamy Y., Shoeb M., Garjani A., Sarker S.D Pages: 174-182
Inflammatory pain induces neuronal alterations in NO and JNK dependent manners PDF XML
Hassanzadeh P., Ahmadiani A. Pages: 183-187
Assessment of use of DcR 3 in diagnosis of dysplastic lesions and adenocarcinoma of the esophagus PDF XML
Ragab Shalaby A.M., Al-Refaey H.K. Pages: 188-192
The effect of enalapril on inflammation and IL-1 and IL-8 production in chronic arthritis PDF XML
Nikbakht F., Najafipour H., Dabiri Sh. Pages: 193-198
Relaxant effect of Satureja hortensis on guinea pig tracheal chains and its possible mechanism(s( PDF XML
Boskabady MH., Aslani MR., Mansuri F., Amery S. Pages: 199-204
Isolation of antibacterial constituent from rhizome of Drynaria quercifolia and its sub-acute toxicological studies PDF XML
Khan A., Haque E., Mukhlesur Rahman M, Mosaddik A., Rahman M., Sultana N. Pages: 205-211
Intraventricular gabapentin is antinociceptive and enhances systemic morphine antinociception in rat tail flick test PDF XML
Shamsi Meymandi M., Mobasher M., Sepehri G., Haghdoost AA., Babaie M. Pages: 212-217
Synthesis, antituberculosis activity and QSAR study of some novel 2-(nitroaryl)-5-(nitrobenzylsulfinyl and sulfonyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives PDF XML
Foroumadi A., Sakhteman A., Sharifzadeh Z., Mohammadhosseini N., Hemmateenejad B., Moshafi MH., Vosooghi M., Amini M., Shafiee A. Pages: 218-226
Allopurinol mouthwash for prevention or alleviation radiotherapy induced oral mucositis: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial PDF XML
Abbasi Nazari M., Sadrolhefazi B., Nikoofar A., Erfan M., Azizian H., Alamy M. Pages: 227-230
Efficacy of Satureja khuzistanica extract and its essential oil preparations in the management of recurrent aphthous stomatitis PDF XML
Amanlou M., Babaee N., Saheb-Jamee M., Salehnia A., Farsam H., Tohidast Akrad Z. Pages: 231-235