Vol 15, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents



In-vitro percutaneous absorption of losartan potassium in human skin and prediction of human skin permeability PDF XML
Petkar K.C., Kuchekar S.B Pages: 53-60
Preparation of oligodeoxynucleotide encapsulated cationic liposomes and release study with models of cellular membranes PDF XML
Tamaddon AM., Hosseini-Shirazi F., Moghimi HR Pages: 61-70
Influence of β - cyclodextrin complexation on lovastatin release from osmotic pump tablets (OPT) PDF XML
Mehramizi A., Asgari Monfared E., Pourfarzib M., Bayati Kh., Dorkoosh F.A., Rafiee–Tehrani M Pages: 71-78
Quantative and qualative changes of essential oil of Salvia bracteata Bank et Sol. in different growth stages PDF XML
Amiri H Pages: 79-82
Antioxidant properties and prevention of cell cytotoxicity of Phlomis persica Boiss PDF XML
Moein S., Farzami B., Khaghani S., Moein MR., Larijani B Pages: 83-88
Foroumadi A., Sheibani V., Sakhteman A., Rameshk M, Abbasi M., Farazifard R., Tabatabai S.A., Shafiee A Pages: 89-93
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Escherichia coli strains isolated from urinary tract infections to fluoroquinolones and detection of gyrA mutations in resistant strains PDF XML
Akbari-Nakhjavani F., , Mirsalehian A., Hamidian M., Kazemi B., Mirafshar M., Jabal Ameli F., Pajand O., Peymani A Pages: 94-99
Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in endocervical specimens by an enzyme-linked polymerase chain reaction assay PDF XML
Hashemi F.B., Pourakbari B., Mamishi S., Mirsalehian A., Zaeimi Yazdi J Pages: 100-104
The role of K –ATP channel in the preconditioning effect of magnesium in the rat isolated heart PDF XML
Bazargan M., Faghihi M, Karimian SM, Chitsaz M., Mirershadi F Pages: 105-112
Comparison of a generic and a brand metformin products in type II diabetes: A double blind randomized clinical trial study PDF XML
Tabatabaei Malazy O., Heshmat R, Taheri E, Larijani B Pages: 113-117