DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2006. 0(Suppl. 1):40-42.

Cost - benefit assessment in medical researches
Alireza Parsapour, Kiarash Aramesh


One of the fundamental issues in the ethics of medical researches is cost-benefit assessment which consists a main part of related codes. This article is aimed to propose a model for ethical assessment of researches with judgment about their costs and benefits.
After reviewing related materials and our experiences and discussions with experts, we proposed a model for ethical assessment of costs and benefits of medical researches.
It seems that there can be a complex table that shows the potential influenced groups such as patients, researchers, their families, society, and ... , and in the other side of the table, we can see the aspects of such influences, including physical, economical, psychological, social, spiritual, political, and so on. So, the authors designed a table showing the above mentioned types of influences, for using in ethical assessments of the costs and benefits of medical researches.
Because of the complexity that exists in various aspects of the costs and benefits of a research, the researcher can not accomplish this analysis alone. It reveals the philosophy of the composition of the research ethics committees. The proposed table of this article will help the researchers and ethical committees for implementation of the above mentioned principles in research activities.


Benefit, Ethical Assesment,

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