DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1993. 3(1):63-69.

Volatile Constituents of Zhumaria Majdae
Yazdanparst, R.Sicari, S


Capillary gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC- MS) analyses of a sample of essential oil of zhumaria Linalool ned by simple water distillation of the pulverized air - dired leaves and flowers of the plant indicated that Linalool and comphor are the two major constituents of the volatile oil. Sylvestrene , y -terpinene, a- Pinene, b - carene, camphene, and Epiborneol constitute the other main components of the essential oil. The GC - MS chromatogram indicated the presence of more than fifty - components in the oil, most of them were present in trace amounts. In this study, the chemical structures of twenty of these consti tuents were elucidated using GC - MS analysis.


Zhumaria Majdae, Essential oil Bil, mono tevpenes, oxygenated terpenes, sesqwitevpene,

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