DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1993. 3(1):45-54.

A Phytoch emical study on silybum marianum L. of Iran
N. Ghassemi, F. Moattar


Considering the great importance of silybum marianum L. for treatment of hepatic diseases and since it has been remained unknown in Iran, the standards fruits of
this plant were planted in pharmaceutical plants research center of Isfahan. The available species in Iran
was collected to compare the macroscopy and microscopy properties of the both species and the percentage
of their fruits silymarin and Quercetine.
The fruits were analyzed by chromatography and then the precentage of their "Silymarin" were determined
by spectrophotometry.
The results of analysis showed that the both species have "Silybin' and Quercetin", and the precentage of
silymarin in the silybum marianum collected from Iran is more than the standard.


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