DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1993. 3(1):1-7.

Determintation of sulfor containing glucosides in Brassica nepus L. and Sinappis alba L. tissue cultures
Suleiman Afsharypuor


In this study, hypocotyls of 5 day old seedlings of Brassica nepus L. and Sinappis alba L.. were explanted onto Murashige and Skoog's revised Tobaco Medium(l)containing different concentrations of suitable plant growth regulators (a cytokinin and an auxin). In addition to the plant growth regulators, potassium sulfate(in a concentration of 3 m. eq./liter) was added to some solid and liquid media in an attempt to raise available sulfate levels, to other medium, L - B- Phenylalanine was added (in a concentration of 30 m. eq./liter) to act possibly as a precursor for the biosynthesis of sulfor containing glucoside (glucosinolate). Suspension cell cultures were initiated from callus and grown in the same medium without agar. Calli which were harvested at 20 weeks and cells at 6 weeks after subculture, were dried and examined by capillary GC for the presences of sulfor containing glucosides. The obtained results indicated the absence of such glucosides in the cells and calli.


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