DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2006. 14(2):71-74.

Composition of the essential oil of Phlomis olivieri Benth. from north of Iran
Parisa Sarkhail, Gholamreza Amin, Abbas Shafiee


The composition of hydrodistilled essential oil from aerial parts of Phlomis olivieri Benth. (Lamiaceae), were analyzed by GC and GC-MS. Twenty two constituents, representing 93.6% of the oil of P. olivieri were identified. The main compounds were germacrene D (66.1%), β- selinene (5.1%), b-caryophyllene (4.2%) and -pinene (4.2%). A comparison of the composition of this oil with other oils of P. olivieri from different regions showed that germacrene D and β- caryophyllene are main compounds of all oils.


Germacrene D,

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