DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1991. 2(1):181-193.

Cultivation of European Tetraploide and Diploid Species of Matricaria Charnomilla and Comparison of Ingredients of Their Volatile Oils with Those of Iranian Diploid Species
K-Samsam Sheriat, .Ghassemi Dehkordi, H.Rahi


The aim of this study is to compare the ingredients of volatile oils of Matricaria species with common name "Babooneh" which has been used for the treatment of different diseases. In this regard, this survey deals with the following purposes:
A. Standard seeds of tetraploid and diploid of Matricaria Charnomilla by Philips Marburg University (Germany) were
cultivated in autumne and spring, then examined as in (B) B. After growth, the plants were collected and examined botanically and phytochemically (specially volatile oils) and compared with standards. The results are as follows: 1. The highest essential oil content has been found in the tetraploid of Matricaria Charnomilla compared with other species. 2. The highest chamazulene contents in related tetraploid of Matricaria Charnomilla
3. Between different species of Babooneh in Iran, the Desfoolian Babooneh is similar to Egiption Babooneh cultured in Isfahan.


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