DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2005. 13(1):34-36.

Composition of the volatile oil of Achillea conferta DC. from Iran
Soodabeh Saeidnia, Ahmad Reza Gohari, Nargues Yassa, Abbas Shafiee


Top flowered aerial parts of Achillea conferta DC. (Compositae), which is found in the central and western regions of Iran were collected from Taleghan area and the volatile oil was isolateds by hydrodistillation.
The oil (0.2 % V/W) was analyzed by GC and GC/MS using DB-5 column. Forty-eight
components, representing 91.4% of the oil were identified. The main components were camphor (22.1%) and 1,8-cineole (10.0%). The percentage of oxygenated compounds was 79.0% of the total oil. The oil o was rich in monoterpenes with two typical major components of Achillea species, camphor (22.1%) and 1, 8- cineole (10.0%).


Achillea conferta, Camphor, 1, 8- Cineole,

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