DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2003. 11(3):88-94.

Development of a Depofoam Technology for the Sustained Delivery of Desferrioxamine Mesylate.
Tayebeh Toliyat, Zeinab Khorasanirad


Encapsulation of drugs into multivesicular liposomes (Depofoam) offers a novel approach to sustained release drug delivery. Depofoam –encapsulation has been shown to result in sustained-release lasting over several days to weeks after non-vascular administration. In this paper we describe encapsulation of desferrioxamine in a multivesicular (MVL) depot –delivery system. The Depofoam particles were characterized by their morphology, particle size and capture volumes. The effects of various concentrations of components and two manufacturing methods on capture volumes of these particles were studied. The light micrograph showed that particles were smooth and multivesicular without any debris. The particle size of these liposomes were between 15-35 μm with capture volumes about 27%. The results show that the concentration of triolein in lipid combination and lysine in the second aqueous solution have significant effects on the captured volume.The in vitro studies in 0.9% NaCl at 37 ºC showed that the multivesicular liposomes released desferrioxamine slowly over several days, and 57% desferrioxamine was released in 9 days.


Multivesicular liposome, Depofoam, Desferrioxamine mesylate, Controlled drug release, Sustained delivery,

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