DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1999. 7(2):22-24.

Acute Effects of Peripheral Injection of Bis-2-Chloro-ethyl sulfide on the Serum Proteins Content in Rat


Bis-2-chloroethyl sulfide or sulfur mustard an alkylating agent after absorption through skin may enter the blood circulation and interacts with different molecules in the body. Pulmonary complication, ocular lesions, enzyme disorders and other toxic effects of sulfur mustard in the body has already been reported. Rats were injected with sub-lethal doses of Bis-2-chloroethyl sulfide intraperitoneally and at different intervals serum was collected. The effect of Bis-2-chloroethyl sulfide on the relative proportion of th^ serum proteins was investigated using electrophoresis. Our results showed that peripheral injection of Bis-2-chloroethyl sulfide had effects on the aIpha-2-globulin and gamma-globulin content.


Bis-2-chloroethyl sulfide, Rat.,

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