DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1997. 7(1):73-83.

Pharmacokinetic Study of Ketoprofen After Oral Administration of Sustained Release and Non-Sustained Release Dosage Forms
Mohammad. K. Hassanzadeh, A.H. Beckett


Six healthy male subjects involved in a crossover bioavailability study to compare the pharmacokinetics of ketoprofen after single oral administration of the drug (1 OOmg) as non sustained release or sustained release pellets dosage forms. A specific and sensitive high performance liquid chromatographic assay procedure was used to analyse the plasma and urine samples. The absorption from sustained release pellets dosage form was slower and more sustained than from non sustained release capsules, but almost complete. The bioavailability properties of this sustained release pellets dosage form of ketoprofen appears suitable for clinical use with reduced frequency of daily dosing. KEY WORDS: Pharmacokinetics, Sustianed Release, Ketoprofen, In-vivo


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