DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1997. 7(1):1-22.

Evaluation of antinociceptive and antimicrobial activities of galbanum plant (Ferula gumosa Boiss)
B. S. Fazly Bazzaz, H. Parsaei+, G. Haririzadeh A. N. Shoshtari


To evaluate the antinociceptive and antimicrobial activities of galbanum plant (Ferula gumosa), various parts of the plant were collected at specific seasons. Aerial parts and root of the plant were dried in shady place and grinded to desirable. Unnatural and natural gum resins did not have the drying and grinding stages. The alcohol-aqueous (33%)extract was obtained by masuration and the solvent was removed by rotary evaporator at low temperature and vaccum condition. The essential oil was extracted by water and steam distillation. Its antinociceptive effect was investigated in mice using hot plate method. Antibacterial effect was determined using paper disk method. The results suggest that the maximum antinociceptive effect (efficacy) of root and aerial parts extract was higher than morphine and maximum effect of unnatural and natural gum resins extract was equal to morphine. The maximum effect of essential oil and unnatural gum resin was less than morphine but potency of these preparations were less than morphine. The amount of microbial growth inhibition of all extracts was less than chloramphenicol (30 ;ug) on gram positive bacteria, but these extracts have not any growth inhibitory effect on gram negative baceria. These extracts inhibited fungus growth equal to nystatin (100units).

These results in conjunction with economic considerations suggest the usefulness of aerial parts of plant for medical treatment.


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