DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1995. 5(1-2):33-50.

Essential Oil Constituents of the Iranian Yarrow Growing Wild in North-East of Tehran
Suleiman Afsharypuor, Sadigheh Asgaryf, G.B. Lockwood


Essential oil constituents of the dried aerial parts of yarrow (Achiiiea millefolium L. ssp. millefolium) growing wild in Emamzadeh Aii (Haraz road, north-east of Tehran-lran)were studied by TLC , GC,and GC/MS methods. Twelve volatile constituents were identified. The oil consisted mainly of monoterpenes (72.04%).1,8-Cineole (14.25%) was the dominant component of the oil, while, 4-terpineol (11.71 %), pulegone (8.57 %), borneol (8.21 %),
-terpineol (8.21 %), and camphor (5.35 %) were the other main constituents of the oil.


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