DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1995. 5(1-2):39-45.

Citric Acid Production by the Aspergillus niger Isolated from the Microflora of Iran
R.Yazdanparast, and A. Bahrani


Citric acid production by A.niger, isolated from the microflora of Iran, has been investigated in liquid and semi-solid states using growth media with different compositions. In 2% media made of Rocheh grape pomace or sabouraud dextrose, the yield of citric acid production was 0.7 g per Kg of the pomace; and the yield decreased by 50% in 2% saghal solian grape pomace medium. However, in 40% (W/W) saghal solian semi-solid medium containing 3% methanol, the yield of citric acid production has improved to 80 g per Kg of pomace in stationary mode of production and to 120 g per Kg of pomace in the rolling mode of fermentation.


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