DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1995. 5(1-2):11-16.

Quantitative Evaluation of Cobalamins (Vit.B12) Produced by Native Propionibacteria
H.kazemi fard, N. Mozami, M.Jalali


in order to prepare cobalamins (Vit. B12) using microbial culture method, the strains of Genus propionibacteriun have been chosen in preference to other species because of their rapid growth and high productivity of selected mutants.
In the present research we examined the quantitative evaluation of cobalamins (Vit.B12) produced by native propionibacteria and results have been compared to other reports in this subject.
The native propionibacteria were isolated from Iranien dairy products and transferred to cobalamins productive medium.
Amount of cobalamins produced by these strains were measured by radioimmunoassay method. Our results showed that native propionibacteria produced 100 to 420 pg cobalamins per ml of the medium.


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