DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1995. 5(1-2):1-10.

A study on the Morphology and Phytochemistry of Hyoscyamus reticulatus L
N.Ghassemi, S.E.Sajjadi f.saghai


Hyoscyamus reticulatus L. (Solanaceae)is a plant containing hyoscyamine and scopolamine which is of interest due to its potential conversion to pharmaceutically valuable tropane alkaloids (1).
in this study, H.reticulatus L. was collected from the Bakhtiari province.This plant is found wild in most areas of Iran (2).
The plant was examined botanically and phytochemicaliy. Morphological as well as microscopical characteristics of the piant was examined and some differences distinguished form H. niger (e.g.shape and number of stomata and glandular trichomes)(3).
Hyoscyamine and scopolamine were isolated from the plant and their structures were elucidated using spectroscopic techniques.
The quantitative determinations of hyoscyamine and scopolamine were performed by titrimetry and UV spectroscopy methods (4).
The quantitative estimation of hyoscyamine and scopolamine gave the following results:
Hyoscyamine 0.031% Scopolamine 0.025%


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