DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2010. 18(1):57-66.

Selection for autochthonous bifidobacteial isolates adapted to simulated gastrointestinal fluid.
H Jamalifar, B Bigdeli, J Nowroozi, H S Zolfaghari, M R Fazeli


Bifidobacterial strains are excessively sensitive to acidic conditions and this can affect their living ability in the stomach and fermented foods, and as a result, restrict their use as live probiotic cultures. The aim of the present study was to obtain bifidobacterial isolates with augmented tolerance to simulated gastrointestinal condition using cross-protection method.Individual bifidobacterial strains were treated in acidic environment and also in media containing bile salts and NaCl. Viability of the acid and acid-bile-NaCl tolerant isolates was further examined in simulated gastric and small intestine by subsequent incubation of the probiotic bacteria in the corresponding media for 120 min. Antipathogenic activities of the adapted isolates were compared with those of the original strains.The acid and acid-bile-NaCl adapted isolates showed improved viabilities significantly (p<0.05) in simulated gastric fluid compared to their parent strains. The levels of reduction in bacterial count (Log cfu/ml) of the acid and acid-bile-NaCl adapted isolates obtained in simulated gastric fluid ranged from 0.64-3.06 and 0.36-2.43 logarithmic units after 120 min of incubation. There was no significant difference between the viability of the acid-bile-NaCl-tolerant isolates and the original strains in simulated small intestinal condition except for Bifidobacterium adolescentis (p<0.05). The presence of 15 ml of supernatants of acid-bile-NaCl-adapted isolates and also those of the initial Bifidobacterium strains inhibited pathogenic bacterial growth for 24 hrs. Probiotic bacteria with improved ability to survive in harsh gastrointestinal environment could be obtained by subsequent treatment of the strains in acid, bile salts and NaCl environments.


Bifidobacterium isolates;Cross protection mechanisms;Probiotic;Simulated gastrointestinal fluid;Stress adaptation


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