DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2008. 16(1):35-40.

Neuropharmacological effects of Peperomia pellucida leaves in mice
Khan A, Rahman M, Islam M.S


Background and the purpose of the study: Local people of Lakshmipur district of Bangladesh use leaves of Peperomia pellucida in the treatment of excited mental disorder but its neuropharmacological effect has not yet been explored. In the present study depressant effects of leaves of this plant was investigated.

Methods: Petroleum ether and ethyl acetate soluble fractions of ethanol extract of Peperomia pellucida leaves were administered to mice intraperitonealy and their effects on duration of diazepam-induced sleep, nikethamide-induced toxicity, light-dark test and force swimming test were determined.

Results and major conclusion: The duration of diazepam-induced sleep was extended by administration of these fractions. Nikethamide at high doses caused death of mice and administration of these fractions delayed the time that nikethamide caused the death of animals. In light-dark test and force swimming test these fractions showed diazepam type effects. The changes in doses (50-200 mg/kg) resulted in modification of efficiency of these effects. These results suggest that both fractions of P. pellucida leaves have dose dependent depressant effects.


Peperomia pellucida, CNS depression,

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