DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1992. 2(2-3):229-236.

Quantitative determination of Glycyrrhizine and Glycyrrhetic acid in roots of Liquorice by HPLC
DJ. Afshar A-Delazar


Most of the methods of determination of Glycyrrhizine in the roots of Liquorice are non - specific and relying on indirect methods. The results obtained from these methods are usually unreal and unreliable. In this paper Glycyrrhizine iv various Liquorice roots was estimated directly by HFLC without hydrolysing Glycyrrhizine to its aglycone. Hence the existing problems that considerably change results are eliminated. In this method, Glycyrrhizine was separated from other components of total extract using reverse phase high performance liquid chromathography and the results of determinations have been satisfactory and reproducible. The Glycyrrhizine content was 2.15 -5.4 percent in the various liquorice roots.
Also suitable condition is reported for HPLC of Glycyrrhetic acid in hydrolyzed total extract. Therefore Glycyrrhizine was also determinated by indirect method. This method is based on hydrolysing Glycyrrhizine and estimating Glycyrrhetic acid . Results of direct method are compared with this method.


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