DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2006. 0(Suppl. 1):7-9.

Health promotion, Islamic ethics and law in Iran
Bagher Larijani, Farzaneh Zahedi


Health statistics demonstrate remarkable progresses in the field of primary health care and academic education in Iran within recent decades. Iran has also had obvious progresses in the field of research and the International publication rate of Iranian scientists has been quadrupled over the past decade. Progresses in biomedical researches have been associated with considerable activities in bioethics education, research and legislation. Organ transplantation, stem cell research, assisted reproductive technologies and genetics are some important instances of ethical debates in our country.
In this concise manuscript we intend to present some recent progresses in science and research in Iran. Considering importance of the bioethical issues, we will also review new legislations in the field of bioethics.


Law, Islamic ethics,

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