DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2004. 12(1):1-10.

"Flexible Ligand Docking Studies of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors Using Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm "
lOrkideh Ghorban Dadrass, Armin Madadkar Sobhani, Abbas Shafiee, Massoud Mahmoudian


As important therapeutic drug targets, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) have recently attracted great interest in the search for potent and selective inhibitors using computer-aided molecular modelling and docking techniques. Availability of more than 60 X-ray crystal structures or NMR solution structures related to MMPs in Protein Data Bank (PDB) of which more than half of them are in complex with various MMP inhibitors (MMPIs), provides a great opportunity for docking studies. In this study AutoDock 3.0.5 along with its LGA algorithm were used for automated flexible ligand docking of 32 MMPI-MMP complexes and docking accuracy and reliability of the estimated inhibition constants were evaluated. Twenty-six out of 32 docks had RMSD less than 3.0 Å which is considered as well-docked, however, for the most of the cases (15 out of 27), predicted pKi values were considerably overestimated in comparison to experimental values. To improve pKi prediction regarding MMPI-MMP complexes, inclusion of at least one such a complex in calibration of empirical free energy function in the next release of AutoDock is highly recommended.


MMPs, MMPIs, Rational drug design, Computer-aided molecular modelling, Flexible ligand docking, AutoDock,

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