DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2003. 11(2):79-81.

Chemical Composition of The Essential Oil of Prangos Asperula Boiss. Subsp. Haussknechtii (BOISS.) Herrnst. Etheyn Fruits
Seyed Ebrahim Sajjadi Iraj Mehregan


The hydrodistilled oil from crushed dry fruits of Prangos asperula Boiss. subsp. haussknechtii (Boiss.) Herrnst. et Heyn which is grown wildly in Iran was analyzed by GC/MS for the first time. Fifty-two constituents were identified of which d-3-carene (16.1%), b-phellandrene (14.7%), a-pinene (10.5%), a-humulene (7.8%), germacrene-D (5.4%), d-cadinene (4.2%) and terpinolene (4.0%) were found to be the major components of the oil.


Prangos asperula subsp. haussknechtii, Umbelliferae, d-3-Carene, b-Phellandrene, a-Pinene,

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