DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2003. 11(1):34-37.

Hyoscyamine 6 b-Hydroxylase Gene Isolation from inVitro Cultured Roots of Hyoscyamus niger l. and Hyoscaymus Tenuicaulis Schonbeck-temesy
H. Ebrahimzadeh, A. Teimoori, T.Lohrasebi


The H6H gene for hyoscyamine 6b-hydroxylase, which converts hyoscyamine to scopolamine, was isolated from H. niger and H. tenuicaulis. The roots of 14 days sterile seedlings were transferred to a modified liquid B5 medium containing 1mM indolebutyric acid, and after appearance of the lateral roots, subcultured in a free hormone medium. Following a week, the total cellular RNA of the roots was extracted. cDNA of H6H gene was synthetized by RT-PCR, favored gene was amplified by the PCR.


Hyoscyamus niger, Hyoscyamus tenuicaulis, Cultured roots, H6H gene, cDNA synthesis,

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