DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1990. 1(2):103-113.

Dissolution Behavior and Content Uniformity of An Improved Tablet Formulation Assayed by Spectrofluorometric and RIA Methods
Morteza Rafiee-Tehrani, Ali Bahrami


Digoxin 0.25 mg tablets were manufactured by pregranulation of lactose-fcorn starch with 10% corn starch paste and deposition of solvent on pregranules to make digoxin granules. In the preparation of tablet A, granules of lactose-corn Starch was uniformly moistened with a 5% chloroform-ethanol solution (2:lv/v)of digoxin by a simple blending. Tablet B was produced by spray granulation system on which the solvent was sprayed on the granules of lactose-corn starch by utilization of a laboratory size fluidized bed drier (Uniglatt) . The content uniformity and dissolution of both tablets were determined by the spectrofluorometric and radio¬immunoassay (RIA) method modified for the assay of tablet solutious. One available commercially brand of digoxin tablet (C) was included in dissolution study for comparison. For the spectrofluorometric method the technique is based on the fluor-ometric measurenent of the dehydration product of the cardiotonic steroid resulting from its reaction with hydrogen peroxide in concentrated hydrochloric acid. For the RIA method, the filtrate was diluted to theoretical concentration of 2.5 ng/ml.
Aliquots of this dilution were then assayed for digoxin content using a commercial digoxin125 I RIA kit. Results from both assay methods were extrapolated to the total tablet content and compared with the labeled amount of 20 individual tablets. All tablet assay results were within the USP standards for the content uniformity and
dissolution of individual. The individual tablet deviations from labeled amount by RIA method were smaller when compared with the spectrofluorometric method.There was no significant difference between the release of digoxin from three products, and thus it is suggested that the Procedure B could be easily applied for manufacturing
of digoxin tablets in industrial scales.It was also concluded that,the RIA method could be used for the digoxin tablet determination.


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