DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2006. 0(Suppl. 1):48-55.

Medical genetic ethics, Islamic view and considerations in Iran
Farzaneh Zahedi, Bagher Larijani


The rapid progress of science and technology, including genetic research and technology has been led to new hopes in the treatment of some genetic conditions and diseases. But these developments have also raised ethical and societal concerns in different communities. Certainly, medical genetics knowledge should be applied so, we have to maximize its benefits and minimize any harm. In recent decades, many attempts have been performed by scientists, ethicists, jurisprudents and lawyers for compiling international and national guidelines for regulation and legislation in this field.
For compilation of this article, we searched some comprehensive electronic databases and some valid English and Farsi books and journals. In this intensive review, we intend to provide a basic knowledge about genetic ethics for health care professionals in order to facilitate their decision-making in clinical practice.
There are various ethical issues related to medical genetics that we reviewed in this paper in brief. These key issues do need attention and urgent resolution universally. We also reviewed Islamic view of points in this regards and finally we addressed the status of genetic ethics in our country, containing new national guidelines in this field.


Genetic ethics,

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