DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2010. 18(2):91-6.

The effect of pectin on swelling and permeability characteristics of free films containing Eudragit RL and/or RS as a coating formulation aimed for colonic drug delivery.
A Akhgari, F Farahmand, H Afrasiabi Garekani, F Sadeghi, T Vandamme


The potential of pectin as a bacterially degradable polysaccharide for colon drug delivery has been demonstrated. Due to the high solubility and swelling properties of pectin in aqueous media, it is frequently used in combination with water insoluble polymers for targeting drugs to the colon. The aim of this study was to evaluate free films containing pectin as a bacterially-degradable polysaccharide in combination with Eudragit RL (ERL) and/or RS (ERS) as a coating formulation for colonic drug delivery.Isolated free films comprising 20% pectin and 80% ERL or ERS and their combination in 1:1 ratio were prepared by casting method. Then, free films were evaluated by water vapor transmission (WVT), swelling and permeability experiments for theophylline and indomethacin in different media.Formulations containing ERL exhibited higher WVT, swelling and permeability compared with formulations containing ERS. The permeability of theophylline through free films composed of pectin and eudragit polymers in simulated colonic media was not significantly different from those obtained in other media. However indomethacin free films containing pectin and ERL showed higher permeation in simulated colonic fluid (SCF) compared to the other media.Formulation containing pectin and ERL may be suitable as a coating formulation for colon targeted delivery of drugs of low solubility such as indomethacin.


Colonic delivery;Eudragit;Free film;Pectin;Permeability


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