DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1990. 1(3):153-164.

Study of The Effect of Initial Height of Powder on Compressibility of Aspirin,Sodium Chloride and Pota¬ssium Bromide
M.H. Zarrintan ,  A. Rostami


At present study three crystaline materials of aspirin, sodium chloride and potassium bromide have been compressed with an hydraulic press at different compactional pressures . The effect of initial height of powder on compressibility has been investigated via determination of relative volume in comparison with the true volume of the material.From the results it has been shown that at almost all the cases a linear relationship exists between the compactional pressure and the logarithm of reciprocal porosity • From the slope of the lines it is clear that the compressibility of these three materials are different.
It has also been shown that increased prowder initial height at the same compaction pressure, reduces compressibility which may be related to friction increase. Compaction with perspex die, and picturing compression pattern from the die during compaction, with polarized light, showed that transferred pressure to the die wall has an invert relationship with initial powder height.


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