DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2004. 12(2):58-62.

"Antinociceptive and Anti-inflammatory Activity of the Seed and Root Extracts of Ferula Gummosa Boiss in Mice and Rats "
Ali Mandegary, Mohammad Sayyah, Mahmood Reza Heidari


Ferula gummosa Boiss (Apiaceae) has been used in Iranian traditional medicine for the relief of stomach pain. In this study, effects of aqueous, methanolic and acetone extracts of the seed and root of this plant in experimental models of acute pain (Tail-flick=TF), chronic pain (Formalin test=FT) and inflammation (Cotton pellet granuloma=CPG) was investigated. The results showed that the highest non-sedative dose of each of these three extracts had no effect in TF. Among the extracts, only the acetone extract of the root could reduce licking and biting time in the late phase of FT, although this effect might be to some extent due to the solvent (Tween 80). None of the extracts had anti-inflammatory effect in CPG. Preliminary phytochemical analysis of methanol and acetone extracts showed presence of terpenoids and alkaloids and small amounts of cardenolids. The results of our study suggest further evaluation of antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of other kinds of extracts in order to determine the best extract with highest efficacy and lowest side effects


Ferula gummosa Boiss, Antinociceptive, Anti-inflammatory, Formalin test, Tail-flick, Cotton pellet granuloma,

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