DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2004. 12(1):36-39.

Effect of Achillea Santolina on Mice Spermatogenesis
Mohammad.Jafar.Golalipour, Vahid Khori, Ramin.Azarhoush, Mohsen Nayebpour, Mohammad Azadbakh


Achillea santolina, a common variety of Achillea in Golestan province of Iran has been used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The effect of hydroalcoholic extract (300 mg/kg/day Intraperitoneally, for 20 days) of Achillea santolina on the spermatogenesis of mice was studied by the evaluation of morphologic characteristics by light microscope. The alterations observed were disorganized germ epithelium, exfoliation of immature germ cells, germ cell necrosis and increased number of metaphasfis in germinal epithelium of seminiferous tubules. We concluded that hydroalcoholic extract of Achillea santolina 300mg/kg/day intraperitoneally for 20 days as a different variety of Achillea has antispermatogenic effect similar to Achillea millefolium on mice.


Achillea santolina, Spermatogenesis, Mice,

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