DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2001. 9(3-4):46-49.

Design and evaluation of a new dry powder inhaler
"Rouholamini Najafabadi AH, Gilani K, Hozan AA "


Three versions of a new dry powder inhaler (DPI), RG-haler, were designed using two kinds of grid inserts. Salbutamol sulfate/lactose blend (Ventolin Rotacaps®) was selected as a model formulation to analyze the performance of all inhalers and compare their efficiency with three marketed devices (Rotahaler®, Spinhaler® and ISF inhalator®) using the twin impinger (TI). Deposition of the drug in device was significantly (P<0.05) lower for ISF inhalator® and all kinds of RG-halers in comparison with those of Rotahaler® and Spinhaler®. The amount of drug deposited in the stage 2 and the respirable dose for RG-halers were similar to those of ISF inhalator® and significantly (P<0.05) higher than those of Rotahaler® and Spinhaler®. The results suggest efficient aerosol generating capability of the RG-haler.


Salbutamol sulfate, Twin impinger, Respirable fraction,

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